About Me

I am a music producer/engineer/photographer from a small town upstate New York. I was born in December of 1992 and today I am 26 years old. I have always been a guy that normally sticks to himself and introvert. But I do work well with others as well. Music has always played a big part of my life growing up, it has been there for me through ever up and down. It also helped me through the depression and anxiety that I was going through a few years ago. 

In 2017 I decided to learn more about music and how it’s created. So I went to collage at full sail university and I graduate November 1, 2019


Institute of technology at Syracuse central  

High school diploma (2011)  

Full sail university  

College Bachelors Degree  

Audio production (2019 pending)  


Beat making  





Sound design  

Audio dialogue editing  


Email me with any questions  


Here’s a copy of my Resume